Our machines

3-axis machining center

(X=635 Y=510 Z=460)

3-axis machining center

(X=600 Y=560 Z=510)

5-axis machining center

(X=500 Y=450 Z=400)

Our machines are equipped with an integrated Renishaw tool and workpiece metering system, so we can perform control measurements during machining without removing the part from the machining machine.

Our Human Resources

5 Mechanical Design

2 Electrical designer

4 PLC Programmer

2 Electrical Contractor

2 Mechatronic designer

6 CNC milling

3 Quality control

Machine resources

3 CNC machining center

1 Grinding machine

3 Lathes

1 3D printer

2 Array and wire sparks

1 Measuring Machine

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